About us  

Copyforce is a collaboration of many different people with strengths in different areas of copier industry. Each segment of our organisation is as important as next and thus there are no interdepartmental tensions such as sales versus service. Our aim is to utilise best available people in their field on full time, part time, casual or contract base as long as our customers receive best product and care and become a friend that would trust us with their copier, fax, or printer need for a long time.

My name is Bill Homa and I have started in copier industry in 1978 as a trainee technician and progressed through the  ranks to management level.

Since that time I have seen and gone through a lot of changes. Since my humble beginning technology has changed incredibly and also the way big companies have changed while dealing with clients.

It is no longer a partnership between customer and supplier but now many boxes can we unload this month and capture that customer on a long term contract.

With that in mind I started COPYFORCE in 2002 in order to provide people option while choosing their next copier/printer.

This provides you with a chance to peruse any brand copier and tailor your own service agreement.

Our Company also deals in copier transport and supports one of the largest copier exporters. During that time we also have exported copiers to other countries in limited numbers through our associated exporter.

In mid 2007 we decided to provide our services in export markets in our own right, and as in all our endeavours we aim to provide best service at most competitive prices to all our friends in Australia and overseas.